The God Principle

(The Great Mirror Of Nature)

The God Principle (book) explores in detail, for the very first time, what may be called the Principle of Reflection: which states that Natural and Spiritual phenomena are reflections of each other, or that matter is a pool of reflection for spirit.

Nature verily carries a proper reflection of all spiritual and scientific truth. In this book the reader will discover important keys that facilitate a revelatory understanding of nature and spirituality. The reader is also introduced to the persistently curious Aliyah, and invited to explore with her, the amazing connections between the Realms of Nature and Spirit.

This website discusses underlying concepts that form the foundation of the book. Read the book itself online at Google Books. Checkout the Bookstores section for a hard copy or a Kindle edition. Browse contents of this website here.

The main theme of this book, that Natural and Spiritual truths are reflections of each other (The Principle of Reflection) is ancient, yet hardly understood. But those who are willing to explore its meaning may find much that is amazing, and in that process arrive at a new understanding of Nature, science and spirituality.

Natural phenomena can not only reveal the validity of spiritual truths as they are understood, but also refine or correct them. What Nature reveals is often different from many popular spiritual perspectives. At the same time there is also much to be found that concurs with the establishment.

The focus of this book is not on cutting-edge scientific developments, but on well known processes behind everyday phenomena that surround man. Still, the reader must be warned that this book is heavy reading, for it follows a scientific and analytical approach, with detailed analysis of phenomena. Each of its chapters may be read more or less independently.

For easier grasp, the book is written as a story. Detailed philosophical underpinnings of this work may be found on this website and is a work in progress (see menu).

Readers Comments

"For years I have been searching for a book like this... that can explain and answer..."

"A very different book... It can change the reader's perspective on life..."

"I read the book almost in reverse order, as I found the later sections to be absolutely mesmerising, but I felt that the beginning sections were too slow and difficult."

"I feel at peace with myself... able to look beyond one's own 'little self' and be a source of inspiration and energy to others..."

"This is so different... Initial chapters are a little slow. After a while it becomes irresistible..."

"A very ambitious book. Extremely well written..."

"Wonderful job! Succeeded in exploring, connecting and explaining the ultimate truth to the world!"