Esoteric Astrology by Example

Esoteric Astrology

Every individual who believes in divinity or God must agree that one's life has a plan and purpose. If so there must be a general way that an individual's life project or curriculum can be conveyed to incarnated individuals across the globe and across all time. What better choice exists than to use the heavens that is visible to all who wish to study it, and provides a vast variety of configurations or gestalts to choose from as a curriculum? The selected point of birth in space and time simply indicates the chosen curriculum. The planets themselves have no control or any significant influence on an individual's life, other than to convey this information. The actual exercise of the curriculum, or the execution of his or her life project, comes about through higher orchestration. Most importantly, picking a curriculum does not mean that the student will pass, though the instructions/tutoring will be delivered and 'examinations' conducted.

A quotation from the chapter Rhythm of The God Principle may be in order: "astrology is not meant for predictions...the closer [an astrological] system is to the right interpretation, the more focus it will give on your soul, its plans and purposes, its goals and failures, its challenges... a truer system will always focus on the real reasons behind the trials you face and why you have made certain goals for yourself..." The chapter goes on to explain how astrology actually works, or doesn't work as the case may be. The reader is referred to the chapter for a better understanding. Here we present an example of how an astrological reading should preferably look like.

This is something of an 'esoteric' karmic astrology, which traces the soul history of a native, i.e. the person whose horoscope is being read. It reaches back into prior lifetimes to identify events and behaviors that have great significance to the current incarnation. The approach recognizes that every life is planned much like a project, or like a school curriculum. The soul selects a place, date, and time of birth for incarnation which matches a configuration of the heavens that reflect the curriculum or project that is planned.

We have chosen one of the US presidential candidates (as of this writing), to delineate a horoscope. Specifically the person or soul known as Donald Trump. The discussion in this case starts with prior lifetimes of the native, how specific natures and behaviors were acquired from those experiences, which were then carried over into the current project or curriculum (this lifetime). Many of the situations and events that befall the native in this life are meant to correct imbalances that were built up earlier. This does not mean that those imbalances will be corrected, only that life provides a drive in such direction. It is up to the individual's free will as to how to respond to those correctional forces. Many times things get nowhere and in some cases get even worse!

To understand this article the reader should also be familiar with the public life of the native. Let us now weave a tale about this soul, based on astrological indicators:


Imagine a soul, who in experience after experience had been drawn towards spirituality and seclusion, and renunciation of the world, such as in monasteries, hermitages and religious orders of sorts. In many such experiences the native indulged in abstract and even abstruse philosophical, theosophical, and theological discussions, dissertations, debates and so forth, essentially honing and strengthening the mind to a high degree. Being entrenched into such orders the native also was in a position to serve others and help many struggling masses, which were part of his monastic duties. Through such service the native amassed what may be called a significant amount of ‘good karma’.

During these experiences, it was inevitable that the native got entangled, nay embroiled into the political systems of the organizations or orders that he served. His unusual mental abilities and inclinations almost always resulted in creating plenty of political rivals within these orders, and often resulted in suppression, retribution or backlash which the native took in very bitterly. These in turn had a highly deleterious effect on his self-image or self-respect, which suffered seriously as a result. In one such experience the native channeled his deep frustration and anger into aggression against children entrusted to his care, children who were practically orphans and brought into the monastery or order he served. Under this hard taskmaster these children experienced a harshness of life they were not prepared for at their tender ages. This was not the only ‘negative karma’ the individual accrued, in addition to making plenty of enemies. Being always drawn to such orders, the native discarded duties and responsibilities of the world, such as to parents, kith and kin, and society at large. Life accelerates these tendencies and the native found himself developing an irresponsible attitude towards making a living, and placing others at considerable risk from his actions.

In time, the soul came to recognize that true renunciation and spirituality are rarely found or developed in such seclusion and monastic orders, for it is easy to be a ‘renunciate’ and ‘spiritual’ when surrounded by poor circumstances and cut off from the world at large. The embers of acquisitiveness usually do not die and sometimes they are even fanned into a flame which the native suppresses within. Renunciation is much harder when surrounded by the horn of plenty, and is the real true test of whether a soul is a renunciate. It is what man thinks of wealth that makes him a renunciate, spiritual or otherwise. The Creative power that made him has not put any limits on the bounty that man may access, for He has not placed such abundance in His garden so as to deprive His children of it. Rather the attitude with which wealth (or its absence) is contemplated is by far the most important test of the soul. So it is that many a so-called renunciate or spiritual initiate decides to live a later experience surrounded by wealth, or practicing a career that leads to significant amassment of wealth, if only to help deal with those embers of acquisitiveness that had always been a persistent thorn on the side.

So it was for the native. It was then decided to live out a life born into a wealthy family where he could indulge that part of his being, one that was suppressed for a long time. This was also compatible with the good ‘karma’ the native had amassed. Since the native had lost all self-respect through self-denigration and retributive backlash in the past, it was arranged to provide the incarnating personality with a strong overlay of aggressiveness (not found in the soul) that would help the native correct the imbalance over time. The native was also introduced to well-known techniques of improving one’s self-image, such as by verbal repetition of good or wonderful things about oneself and one’s accomplishments. But through all the projected grandeur and showmanship there is always lurking within a mocking laugh from the subconscious, of one’s unworthiness. This is obviously not true for the soul, but was a conclusion the native built up by himself over long drawn out past experiences and is trying hard to recover from. A significant boost to the native’s self-respect was provided by turning the tables (so to speak) in a mock scenario, such as a reality TV show where the native is put in authority over some of the same old foes that seriously contributed to his self-image problem in the first place.

Another tendency being corrected is the drive to seclusion or isolation. The human soul is not meant to be isolated from the life stream as such, and while such experiences have laudable goals they should not become a hindrance to soul progress. This correction is accomplished by throwing the individual into the limelight of society, and forcing him to deal with the complexities of the world without choice. The deeper the inclination towards isolation in the soul, the stronger is the force to reckon with in the world, such as by becoming a celebrity. Now this is not the case for all celebrities, but there are definitely many who have this kind of a soul history. Another interesting side effect of this internal drive to seclusion (i.e. focus mainly on one’s domicile), is a tendency to want to expand that domicile – which can manifest as a tendency to acquire more and more real estate.

The other problem to be corrected was the irresponsible attitude to life that was developed, and which put many people at serious risk. This is addressed by having the native apply those ingrained tendencies to risky business ventures, and have many of them fail catastrophically. The resulting pain and the need for thoughtful consideration imposes itself strongly on the soul so as to help correct those imbalances, and also meet the karma that his actions produced in those prior experiences.

It was mentioned that the native had developed his mental capabilities to a high degree, but had also used them in a negative way. The correction to this is applied by having mental energies flow even strongly into the personality, but with blockages (in the head chakras) that cause those energies to be scattered. Indeed the pattern of hair growth on the head is often an indicator as to the nature of head chakra energies available to the personality. In this specific case the situation is more of a karmic retribution than anything else. The result is an inability to focus thoughts well (as may be found in the mental attention of a child), and which the native must struggle throughout incarnation to overcome. This is indeed a difficult situation to get over and many of these individuals tend to retain much of the temperament they developed as children.

The retribution for the native’s treatment of the children mentioned earlier is partly offset by himself going through a harsh childhood experience, with an authoritative and dictatorial father, minimal parental love, and being dispatched to a military school at a young age. Another way reconciliation is attempted is by having some of those more prominent souls incarnate into the family circle (including the father) and also educational circles, with whom relations would be contentious. Another portion of this burden is set aside through activities of the native’s charitable organizations.

Another tendency that is built up over many experiences of seclusion such as mentioned above, is a fascination with, and an inability to understand or relate properly to the opposite sex. The correction is typically made by the individual being exposed to many actors of the opposite gender (think beauty pageants in this case), but never being able to find a satisfactory relationship, which again is the inner conflict playing out in the external world. However in late life (usually past 50) the native is typically drawn into a relationship with a compatible soul from the past that he can relate to very well, and one that would help correct the imbalance.

Throughout the current incarnation a major task to be addressed by the native is coming to terms with past enmities, which have acted like a heavy drag on the ship of the soul. The karma is mainly addressed by falling victim to many of those in his home and career circles, and those in authority. But it also takes considerable amount of inner work to keep those feelings of enmity at bay, and to learn to forgive those who were once, or still are, adversaries.

As to whether the native will rise to the role of the presidency, no prophet or astrologer can tell for sure. It is the collective will of the nation that determines the choice, though attempts can be made either way to influencing the choice. However, the native still carries a significant karmic burden in relation to the area of his domicile, which he is called upon to discharge. The scheduled (or rather recommended) timing of these karmic events, onset before the time of the presidential inauguration, does suggest that the white house may yet elude the native.


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