Human Purpose

Human Purposes

In previous sections we discussed the pattern of Man and how Being moves through various patterns in its evolution. We also took a brief look at the origins of humanity as covered in the Genesis chapters of the Bible.

For the reader who has followed us thus far it should not come as much of a surprise when we say that humanity has had many beginnings, and will have more to come. The great Being that manifests as humanity has already experienced a multitude of patterns on the earth over eons of time, including patterns in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. Each of these ‘phases’ has had its own origins and within those phases may be found further sub-phases. Thus there are a multitude of ‘origins’ that humanity has passed through in its descent into Duality. In that process it has fragmented and took on separate identities as a multitude of billions of individuated beings. After this progressive fragmentation comes progressive unification, and humanity has still more patterns awaiting exploration and expression on its journey back to the Godhead.

Let us however spend some time on the expressions of its current pattern, namely that of Man. In the ‘phase of Man’, humanity is primarily exploring the emotional and mental aspects of Being. We have pointed out the significance of the seas that surround man in our book, “The God Principle”. One of the primary tasks of the race is to fully experience the emotional aspect of Being, and ultimately use that experience as the foundation of a new level of unity, that of Love. The progressive unification that we talked about is not expected to come about through a merging of individual identities, but by bonding through Love.

True Love is the purest manifestation of the Unitary Principle within the emotional plane. For this unity to become possible it is first required that humanity go through every conceivable aspect of emotion in all its twisted and deranged forms before those experiences can be refined and subjugated to its greatest possible manifestation - Love. We have covered this theme in the chapter ‘Mountain’ of our book, “The God Principle”. The discussion there touched upon prior failures of the race, the Flood in the Bible, and the rainbow after the Flood. This manifestation of a unitary society based on Love is one of the most important purposes of the race, and it has so far turned out to be the most difficult to achieve.

When we say Love, we do not mean the common implication of that word as found in romantic love, brotherly love, or even motherly love. True love is a far cry from any of these experiences and human beings are yet to discover its true meaning. Very few have experienced its true heights, the Love that Christ knew. The Master remains a shining example for the human race to strive for and to finally attain to this lofty goal of human manifestation.

Therefore every time you observe the depths and depravities of human emotion in the world around, understand that this is a path of humanity’s choosing, one that will ultimately lead the race to a wonderful unity with the Love aspect of the Godhead - known in some terminology as the Christ, or Christ consciousness. This is what is truly meant by the term ‘the Bride of Christ’ when applied to humanity. There is no other manifestation of the Godhead comparable in power, glory, and beauty to this, and humanity will have made its journey back to the Godhead with a perfect understanding and experience of the emotional. This is the future, but to get there it must strive and struggle for yet a while - amongst pain, sorrow and fear.

We do not mean to say that humanity has no other purposes. In fact we discussed the whole notion of ‘purpose’ in our book, ‘The God Principle’. There is not any single purpose but almost an infinitude of purposes, stretching out vastly in a great hierarchy, as Being moves through various patterns of expression. At the lower rungs of this hierarchy are found individual purposes, that of every day life. At its pinnacle may be found, the Prime Directive. We will not discuss this further here and the reader is referred to the book.

The mental aspect is of course another dimension of Being that humanity explores. On this part the race has generally been laggards almost until recently, choosing instead to focus on the emotional aspect. Though its recent achievements on the scientific side has been prolific, the ground yet to be covered is indeed vast.

Let us now bring science and technology into better context. The Principle of Reflection has a very interesting corollary. It states that virtually anything that is conceivable using the faculty of imagination is achievable in the realm of matter. This is a very strong statement, and has tremendous implications for science and technology. It would not be outlandish to state that technological accomplishment can reach such levels, where it extends into what is conventionally considered the domain of ‘spirit’. One need only consider the various functions of the brain, and how the so called “soul-body connection” might actually function, to see the glimmerings of such technology. Let us close by stating that much of science and technology as envisioned in popular science fiction (such as the Star Trek series), can become actual fact.

With this we will now shift focus and discuss a subject that we promised to cover, viz. the death/birth cycle of humanity.

The Principle of Refection