Good & Evil

Good vs Evil

“I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things” – Isaiah 45:7

We approach the topic of this article with some amount of trepidation, for the nature of evil is quite different from that which is traditionally understood, talked about, or even suspected by man. Most of humanity is not in a position to even consider, let alone accept its true nature, and there is a high risk that what we convey will be misunderstood and misrepresented.

In the Judeo-Christian Bible there are a few verses similar to the quoted above, which have mystified theologians. These are usually dismissed under various pretexts and swept under the carpet. Yet for the ancient Jews, both good and evil came from the Lord. But such notions are not limited to the Judeo-Christian. Hinduism for example recognizes a trinity of functions in the Godhead: Creation, Preservation and Destruction, which are continuous processes. The destroyer in this case is identified with Shiva, who coincidentally commands an army of evil spirits, ghouls, daemons and their ilk.

The simplest understanding of the above concept is made possible by observing the function of ENERGY in the universe. Energy is required to do any work, whether for good or for evil. Where do spiritual hierarchies of evil acquire their energy? If all of manifestation is ONE, then there is but a single ultimate source of energy - the Godhead.

Another way to look at this is to consider what happens when the sun’s energy descends on the earth. Terrains from hot arid deserts, to lush grasslands and jungles, to polar ice sheets and everything else in between coexist on the earth - all driven ultimately by energy from the Sun. Likewise higher energies from the Godhead, when entering dimensions of manifestation, must of necessity refract into a spectrum - much like the effect of a prism on sunlight, the electromagnetic spectral divergence that spans a very wide range of frequencies. The basest and lowest vibrational energies are typically associated with notions of darkness or evil, for the manifestations they support are essentially of such nature. Higher frequencies support manifestations that are synonymous with the human idea of goodness. Thus both absolute evil and absolute good exists in the universe. There is also a spectrum in between where the distinction between good and evil is not at all cut and dried, for indeed this is the very nature of any spectrum. But human beings tend to see everything in terms of a duality, such as good and evil, black and white, male and female, up and down and so on, and do not generally observe or appreciate spectral effects that are ubiquitous in almost every such phenomenon.

In our book, The God Principle, we discuss the implications of such divergence of energy. By correlation we pointed out the mandatory existence of opposites: democracies next to dictatorships, slums facing gleaming city sky scrapers, the local bar or house of ill repute next to a place of worship, extreme poverty in the midst of great affluence, a land of liberty with the highest incarceration rate in the world... examples abound for those who care to look. What we are saying is that this is the norm and not the exception, for it is impossible to have only one polarity in duality. All these manifestations are ultimately fed from the same one source, much as the Sun creates and sustains all diversity on the planet, without being directly involved. The degree of contrast can be changed or adjusted, but contrast MUST nevertheless exist as long as duality exists. The demonic hierarchies are as much an integral part of cosmic evolution as are the angelic hierarchies. In human terms, this aspect of cosmic manifestation may be called the Law of Opposite Expression. The following link dwells a little bit more on this concept.

The law of opposite expression, the play of light and darkness, the tussle between eternally opposed forces, is essential for human and cosmic evolution. The reader who has followed the above link might begin to understand that, indeed, evil has an equal right to exist. Even the Godhead will not deny it that right.

The return to the Godhead happens over two main arcs of evolution. The upward arc follows the Unitary Principle of cohesion, bonding, love and everything that is positive and uplifting. It may be called the Christ Principle, which facilitates a return to the Godhead by evolution towards the superconscious. The downward arc follows the Separative Principle, which is one of division, disintegration and chaos. It may be called the Anti-Christ Principle, and results in a final return to the Body of God in the least conscious form, one that ends in disintegration and dissolution (called pralaya in Sanskrit). Every being in manifestation must choose one arc or the other in the long run. When we say you MUST choose, we are not using idle words. It is impossible to be neutral and maintain the status quo for extended periods of time, for the return is inevitable and cannot be prolonged indefinitely.

An important implication of the above is that, at the highest level, there is no effective commitment or preference to one hierarchy over the other. Each has equal rights and equal access to energy (albeit restricted), and must make do with what they have to further their goals. This often entails permission from above for certain acts; cooperation, tradeoffs, offers and counter offers between the hierarchies, even as much as direct competition. Readers of the Old Testament are often surprised to observe that Satan is among the Sons of God who get an audience with the LORD, and then strikes a deal into testing Job, essentially bringing down evil upon him. In the Hindu Puranas one finds Vamana, an avatar of Vishnu (who is often equated with the Godhead) who helps initiate the downward transition from the Golden Age or Satya Yuga. This happens by the banishing of enlightened philosopher kings by the priesthood, the latter essentially usurping and consolidating its power. Once the priesthood took control, the devolution into negativity and the associated minor yugas began in earnest. Vamana is shown to be a Brahmin (of the priestly class) who engineers this transition, formally initiating what is called the Treta Yuga. Figuratively, Vamana transforms from a brahmin priest of dwarf stature to one of gigantic form and banishes the king. To every child who reads the story, it is a mystery why Vishnu, through trickery, would banish a great king who had the most perfect reign imaginable.

* * *

At this point we wish to discuss some interesting effects of the spiritual energy economy. It is indeed an economy of energy, where there are tradeoffs, exchanges, barters, hoarding, spending, production, and even interesting pyramid schemes at work. In economics and politics there is a common refrain: “follow the money” to understand what happens behind the scenes. Money is but a token for energy or access to resources. In the spiritual domain the refrain holds equally good, i.e. “follow the energy” to understand various phenomena.

Since Earth is primarily a place where Man must create and write his own story, the amount of energy allowed into it through the hierarchies is seriously constrained. If this were not so, the earth could turn into a realm where opposing forces battle endlessly, with little room left for man’s own spiritual growth. Thus both the angelic and demonic hierarchies are limited in how much energy they can possess, as well as spend from their resources to affect the pilgrimage of man on the earth.

While energy input from such external sources is quite limited, this restriction does not apply to energies that are available to man himself. And these are precisely which both hierarchies often tap into, to meet many of their plans and purposes. What arises as a result is rather curious, and is not very different from banking systems that exist in human economies. Much as banks take deposits from millions of individuals and then apply those into loans and other projects, these reservoirs of energy are fed by individuals on the earth and can be used for various purposes. The primary means by which such amassing of energy happens is through directed emotion: anger, hate, fear, despair, praise, worship, love, thankfulness and so on, when directed by a human being towards an object or entity connected with such an energy bank. Let us offer some examples.

The average village deity that commands worship from poor and uneducated peasants is essentially using such a scheme to perpetuate itself, and is able to use that energy bank to create minor effects that coerce innocent villagers into submission. Many occult groups where large scale worship of the guru is widely practiced, also creates such an energy bank in the aethers. Forces behind the guru (the fellow or lady may be totally unaware of the phenomenon) may use this to their advantage, whether the intent be good or malicious. Such an accumulation of energy is often the source of many miracles or healings attributed to the guru, i.e. when such a miracle can indeed be verified. The matter also extends to most entities of the devic kingdom, i.e. deities that are commonly found in many pantheistic religions. Here too these deities require offerings, sacrifices, prayers and such to be able to do their function. A deity with no followers has practically little power to effect any significant change in the affairs of individuals on the earth. A deity that is relatively powerful in one corner of the world can often accomplish very little elsewhere, simply because devotees are not in plentiful supply in that part of the world. Such deities need devotees more than devotees need the deities.

Turning to the dark side of the matter, one of the interesting ways the dark hierarchy get access to such energies in modern times is through rock and pop music - i.e. of the kind where singers are often under the influence of drugs, alcohol and such, which allows them to be overshadowed by malignant forces. A rock or heavy metal concert is not very different (energetically speaking only), from say, a large praise & worship gathering of a religious group. The difference is mainly in the type, nature and the destination of energies being transmitted. There are many other sources of energy for the dark hierarchy, such as through the overshadowing of leaders of various nations, religious and ethnic groups, who command mass adulation or respect, and whose actions can easily be understood by an external observer to be anything but edifying of spirit.

Most entities in the dark hierarchy (there are exceptions) cannot handle positive energies, and can work only with those of hate, fear, anger and so on. Since this is not always a viable option, they tend to encourage a mechanism that facilitates the transformation of positive energies into negative ones, by channeling those energies through a body that is undergoing great fear, pain or desperation. We are referring to the age old practice of the blood sacrifice. Such practices have been and are still used in rituals of many decadent religions, and in modern black lodges, to feed energy into the dark hierarchy. In ancient times where brutality and war were ubiquitous, and a group or nation could expect to be invaded and pillaged at any time, priests and shamans of various traditions used such techniques to create energy banks that could be used as spiritual weapons of war, and to protect their ‘sacred’ places. The energies of such banks were then released and directed through rituals. Indeed rituals are the keys to working with most such banks, whether of positive or negative energies. For example, the Catholic or Protestant priest has little idea of the powerful energies they invoke and channel into their environment as they go through their routine machinations at the altar. In this case these pre-programmed energies emanate via the eucharist, the higher bodies of the priest and attendants, and the lighted candles.

While the above situation is the norm, there are also many instances of energy input from vastly higher levels on to the earth. Certain revivals within the evangelical movement are of this nature. Again, as per the law of opposite expression, such energy input spreads out across the spectrum and becomes available to both hierarchies. For example the great influx of positive energy on to the earth during the incarnation of the Christ had to be balanced by an equal input to the dark side, which resulted in an accelerated manifestation of evil under the Roman Empire. In the Hindu Puranas there is the story of the deity Agni (Fire) who lost his brilliance and was directed by the Creator to consume the Khandava forest with all its creatures (it is mentioned that elephants alone numbered a hundred thousand). This was intended to balance out a gross oversupply of positive energies from a multitude of sacrificial oblations Agni received from kings, priests and sages. Equivalent to a very massive blood sacrifice, the Khandava directive is helped into fruition by the supportive action of Arjuna and Krishna who literally fight the gods who try to protect the forest - Krishna being an incarnation of Vishnu!

We will close with a final, but very important statement. While it is true that the law of opposite expression requires both good and evil to coexist, the law does not require that an equal number of souls be aligned under each. That is why no effort should be spared in helping those who are wandering aimlessly, and to help them choose the light in this great battle for souls. You, dear reader, by virtue of being here on the earth, MUST choose a side. For nothing could be more serious than your choice. Complacency is not an option that is given to you.

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