The Body

Body spirit interface

In our previous discussion we pointed out that much of the suffering that occurs in certain regions of the earth in terms of wars, pestilence, famine, disease and various natural disasters arise partly from vibrational dynamics which result in beings meeting themselves. We pointed out that these experiences are also ways by which these beings are enabled to purge themselves of negativity and rise higher.

In this section we will take a look at how a Being is enabled to change its vibrational levels at all, which is one of the important reasons for physical manifestation. How is it that a physical body can be of any real help in changing a Being, as compared to, say, a dream-like imaginative experience?

We mentioned earlier that the body functions as a wonderful teacher. It is capable of expressions that are truly fantastic, and the dexterity and capabilities of its root pattern are almost boundless in human terms. On one end it offers the ability to experience happiness and extreme bliss, but it can also provide the most decrepit, burdensome and painful of experiences. In simple terms the body is able to generate vibrations that did not exist apriori in a Being; vibrations that translate to different kinds of feeling and sensations in consciousness. In effect it modulates and affects (as a kind of overlay), the consciousness of a Being that binds to it.

It may be asked how the body is enabled to do this modulation. We should state that the body generates its own consciousness, which is amalgamated from the very matter of which it is composed, and which is attributable to chemistry per se. The reader may refer to our earlier discussions on matter where we pointed out that the stuff that composes matter is not really different from spirit as it were, and that a physics and chemistry of consciousness should not be considered something strange. The amalgamation, synthesis, or emergence of a distinct consciousness in the body comes about from its complex organization. Indeed, one may discern a hierarchy of consciousness within the body, associated with various organic functions that the body incorporates. Such an overall emergent consciousness of the body creates its own ‘self’ or identity, which integrates with a projected soul consciousness and provides it with an overlay of vibrations and related experiences. Such an integration results in the experience of an individualized self or ego centered around the body, and which by nature is quite amenable to the vibrational mechanics of the body. In other words, experiences and vibrations provided by a physically rooted consciousness have a direct impact on the fragment of a soul consciousness which has resonantly bound or integrated itself with the body - so much so that these vibrations can linger and be sustained in soul consciousness. Thus the body facilitates soul evolution.

It is important to note that the integration discussed above results in a two-way exchange. We mentioned in an earlier section that the development of the body itself is modulated by energies from the soul, so that various tissues, organs and functions of the body reflect patterns and attributes found within a projected fragment of soul consciousness. Thus the body provides a pattern of experience for the soul, while at the same time reflecting aspects of the soul into its own physical pattern.

From the above discussion it may be understood that the ego within the body results from an interplay of soul and bodily consciousness, and is an emergent identity (or collection of identities - see chapter ‘War’ in our book The God Principle). These identities (or personas as we referred to them in the book) are constructed by the body from root complexes resident in soul consciousness - complexes which have come into existence from the soul’s vast and various experiences over eons of time. The body, through construction of its personas, provides an excellent avenue to express as well as enhance, negate, refine or transmute these complexes as the soul would choose. Many of these complexes in the human soul are of a low vibratory nature, formed from negative emotional experiences over time. As such they present a formidable barrier to rising in evolution toward higher vibratory levels. These complexes therefore must be transmuted or purged before the soul can move on higher. And it is through the body that this is made possible.

It is through the body that lower vibrational complexes can be purged or refined, as we discussed earlier. ‘Enlightenment’ in the technical sense of the word is a phenomenon that is mediated by the body, which enables the purging or transmutation of these ancient and lower vibratory complexes out from soul consciousness. As discussed in the final chapter of our book (The God Principle), the story of Exodus in the Bible as attributed to Moses, is also simultaneously an allegory to this process of transmutation.

With this background the reader may be able to better appreciate the significance of bodily forms in the great evolution of Being. In the next section we will take a look at progression of these bodily forms through food chains, and discuss reasons as to why prey-predator schemes exist in Nature.


The reader who finds the above description incredulous might consider looking into material written about U.G. Krishnamurti (not the same as J Krishnamurti). The body in his case underwent a process whereby the soul bridges (chakras) burnt out and the individualized self collapsed, leaving behind an intelligent and functioning human organism. This body would go through a periodic death-revival process, akin to that of species like the North American wood frog.

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