In the previous section we introduced the concept of vibrations and how states of consciousness are associated with specific frequencies. We also covered some important dynamics relating to how a Being’s level of vibration attracts similar circumstances and also repels or expunges unlike vibrations. We will now look at some outcomes of this dynamics. We may sound overtly religious in discussing certain matters in this section, but it is done so for a purpose.

There are nations and regions on the earth where cruelty, war and misery reigns supreme. Regions where man preys on man and evil seems to have no bounds. There are also regions where people are peaceful, prosperous and progressive. One may wonder how such drastically differing ways of life in different geographical areas could come about on the same earth.

The fact of the matter is that human beings of like vibration tend to gravitate to the same regions of the earth. Beings with very dense and low vibrations, who have a strong history and streak of cruelty and selfishness in the soul - tend to be born into specific geographic locations of the earth by way of vibrational affinity. By congregating together they create for themselves a miserable environment, a literal hell on earth. These are also individuals who, from past actions, carry a heavy burden due to negative reflection (or karma as it is called in the east). These are also areas plagued by famine, disease and other ‘acts of God’, which are natural ways negative reflection comes about. These individuals are literally meeting themselves, and many in that process purge themselves of their negativity.

The above explanation by no means imply that all those who are born in these regions are somehow of a low vibrational nature. That would be an unwarranted generalization. Individuals who are generally at a higher vibration have a greater freedom of choice. Many often choose to be born into such locations as a way of helping out others who are still struggling. Therefore the most noble of souls are also often found here.

Again, we do not mean to imply that individuals who gravitate to these regions because of a generally lower vibration are in any way inferior to anyone else. Every human being, without exception, has gone through very dark phases of descent and sin in his or her soul history. Therefore there is absolutely no room for a human being to think, feel or consider oneself as superior to or holier than any one else. Those who do simply have a longer way to travel. And indeed, the so-called fall is an integral part of the human experience, from which one finally rises with a much better understanding and experience of one self and humanity.

Now the same vibrational mechanics extend to individuals who die and leave the body. They are naturally attracted to regions of existence which are vibrationally compatible. Again, individuals of extremely low vibrations tend to congregate and create realms similar to the hells that are often depicted in religious writings. These are not “regions created by God to punish sinners” - rather they arise automatically from the mechanics of vibrational affinity. Individuals trapped in these realms need only raise their own vibrations to free themselves. If they are taken out or freed otherwise, vibrational affinities demand that they gravitate again to similar locations.

The situation above has nothing to do with a wrathful God judging sinners and throwing them into hell. The mechanism is but vibrational affinity. Since true repentance for evil actions is one of the many ways that a being may raise its own vibrations, the message of a wrathful God who hates and judges sinners and consigns them to hell, when combined with a message of love and forgiveness, is often a very useful device. It has helped bring about the salvation of many beings who were headed for these wretched realms. Now the reader might think that it is a kind of trickery to use a partial truth to positively effect the vibrational quality of individuals. There is an important reason to adopting such an approach, which has again to do with vibrational dynamics - in this case the expulsion of the dissimilar.

We mentioned that the Principle of Reflection comes to fruition by attracting like vibrations and expelling the unlike, so that outer realities become a reflection of inner realities. What this also means is that higher truth, which is of much higher vibration, cannot be instilled and sustained in a lower vibrational environment. They inevitably get twisted, corrupted and even expelled. Therefore it is required (and which happens automatically) that higher truths be diluted or modified to a form that is compatible with a lower vibrational existence, and which also simultaneously provides a ladder to reach up higher. The ladder is provided implicitly through parables, hard sayings, multiple meanings and so on - so that those who have ears may hear, and those who have eyes may see. This invisible ladder exists in virtually every scripture given to man, and it coexists with what may be called partial truths that are unpalatable to many but compatible with the vibrations of millions. And that is exactly why millions do follow these scriptures. In that process they usually manage to raise their awareness higher (albeit slowly), subscribe less to the grosser message and focus more on revelatory aspects.

It is important to state that the ladder also goes down. This is because scriptures are essentially written to enable self discovery, or the Prime Directive, viz. “Being Know Thyself”. Scriptures accelerate or magnify individual tendencies, whether good or evil, and assist Being in its process of self discovery. Any source that is viewed as authoritative often helps bring about a magnification of human tendencies. Scriptures thus help unveil the worst of human tendencies as well as the most noble. Rabid terrorists to pious individuals may all find their viewpoints accelerated by many of their scriptures. We discussed this in detail in the chapter ‘War’ of our book, “The God Principle”, and the reader is referred there for a better understanding.

In the next section we will continue our discussion of vibrational dynamics and effects.

The Principle of Refection