The Nature of Duality

Cosmic Egg

In our previous discussion we briefly explored the notion of Duality, and why it is a requirement for self discovery. But how does Duality come into existence? What is its source?

Duality can only come from Unity. That is to say, Unity fragments to create Duality. Let’s ponder on that for a moment.

What are we saying then? We are pointing toward a common origin for all spirit and matter, a single source of Being from which all Duality arises. Now considering our own universe, and potentially an uncountable number of other universes (the multiverse as it is called), we cannot even begin to comprehend the immensity and the power that lies behind such a manifestation.

Yet, the Principle of Reflection (see earlier posts) offers us a good clue as to how we might begin to understand this. Remember that this principle implies that patterns found reflected in matter or in nature can be used to understand higher level patterns. This has been covered in detail in our book “The God Principle”. Using such reflections as a basis, we may arrive at an interesting description of how Duality arose (see chapter ‘Ovum’ for example).

To begin, we have to imagine the unimaginable.

Consider an unfathomably vast consciousness and energy which we will call the ONE, that exist beyond time, space and everything that we know or perceive as reality. Then somehow, the ONE fragmented, in a sense that we cannot ever describe. This fragmentation spanned a whole gamut, ranging from the simplest, smallest and the least conscious - to the largest, most complex, and super conscious. The ONE ‘discovered’ the multitude in all possible fragmentation, so to speak.

All possible fragmentation? We could say that is required for the completeness of the experience, without which Being leaves dimensions unexplored.

What would the lowest range of this fragmentation be like? How would it be experienced: the simplest, smallest and least conscious fragments?

We call it ‘matter’, for it appears practically dead and lifeless to our perception.

That is to say, matter is spirit. We use the term ‘spirit’ in its generic sense for any manifestation of Being that is usually considered separate from matter. The lowest ranges of the fragmentation we talked about is perceived as matter (and space) - a condensation which provides the relative experience of form and substance. Within the heart of matter is locked in that tremendous energy of Being which cannot be made manifest without losing its form and substance.

Now we can begin to appreciate how Being may explore itself through matter, where matter provides the ‘mirror’ that we talked about earlier. Let’s take the so called spirit-body connection for example, which is mystifying in itself. How can spirit interact with and ‘control’ matter if they were of different kind?

Spirit can never energize the body if matter itself wasn’t crystallized spirit, and if the energies that course through the spirit could not find expression through matter. The very organization of the body helps organize matter consciousness so that it is in resonance with the spirit, thus establishing a link. This link (or ensemble of links) enables spirit to control and manipulate matter. The more complex the spirit, the more complex must be the energy and consciousness network of matter (or the body) for proper expression. As an aside, eastern spiritual literature refers to these links with the body as ‘chakras’.

Matter, thus being a dense and practically unconscious manifestation of spirit, is able to reflect or conform to energies and patterns of a resonant Being, resulting in what is commonly expressed as “your outward reality is an expression of your inward reality”. This is somewhat like clay being molded by hand, where energy and movements are supplied by the hand and a pattern results in clay. It is this ability of matter that gives rise to the Principle of Reflection. It is its main function - that spirit or Being may know and explore itself from patterns reflected in matter.

What we are also saying is that this property extends to all matter. The reality that surrounds any Being thus carries a proper reflection of that Being, through which Being comes to know itself better, and explore its potential.

We may now take a look closer at matter, which can be seen as spanning a range of manifestations - from coarse low vibrational matter, all the way to levels where matter becomes indistinguishable from spirit. In various spiritual literature one may find descriptions of the subtle bodies of man, or of soul and spirit and so on, all of which possess intelligence. All of these notions may now be reconciled and find a grounding in the above understanding of matter.

We conclude that matter-spirit is one spectrum, and that everything is ONE. Yet for all purposes of manifestation they must be discussed and experienced as if they are a duality. The Principle of Reflection is played out in this duality, and even requires this duality. Duality exists so that Being may know and explore itself.

In subsequent posts we will look further into expressions of Duality, and Laws of its expression, as it were.

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