Yin-Yang of American Politics

Yin and Yang of American Politics

Yin and Yang are sometimes identified with female and male principles which function someways in opposition, but are really complementary functions. Though it goes unnoticed, the US political system is very well aligned to these yin-yang principles.

In the two party system of the US, one of the parties embody the male principle to a far greater extent than the other. The base of this party expresses male principle characteristics such as individual expression and freedom (the do-not-tether-me-down instinct), focus on jobs and the economy (the bread winner and builder instinct), guns, military and war (the aggression instinct), and are generally suspicious of strangers (the home defense instinct). This base absolutely requires aggressive male leadership, and relies on alpha males who can lead the group and defend the city. Expression of strength in front of the world is paramount and any sign of weakness is a serious flaw.

The other party is largely aligned with the feminine principle and expresses nurturing characteristics such as conservation of species and the environment, healthcare and education for all, social programs, infrastructure development (home-making instinct), women’s and minority rights, and also are more tolerant of strangers in general. Now it is not that either party expresses the male or female principles exclusively, for that is never the case. Elements of both principles are found in each, but it is the preponderance of one principle over other that makes the difference. Indeed, a careful look into the well known yin-yang symbol reveals that each of the two halves does contain elements from the other half.

Both party bases also reflect religious sentiments as found in Christian scriptures. The distinction between male and female principles is starkly manifest in the Bible. The Old Testament exudes the aggressive male principle with an often unforgiving and war-like deity who is the nation builder. The core of the New Testament on the other hand exudes the nature of Jesus, which is largely an expression of the feminine principle. Except for the chapter on Revelations by St. John, Jesus, who is pictured with long hair, comes off as gentle, subordinate to higher will, and teaching love, forbearance and acceptance of strangers. This is in contrast to the Mosaic ‘eye for an eye’ approach of the Old Testament. The so-called new age trends are also largely aligned with the feminine principle and such folks are more often found affiliated with the latter party.

The US recently (2016) experienced a massive political shift in polarity to the male principle. The consequences of this shift will be interesting to watch. Since the nation vilified and then rejected the feminine, especially at the hands of women themselves, the Law of Acceleration is set to exact a heavy price. Christ expressed the law of acceleration in the following terms: “To those who have, more will be given. To those who have not, even what little they have will be taken away.”

This law requires that there be an accelerated manifestation of power, aggression, law and control, even bordering on the dictatorial. The USA must again be viewed by other nations as the bully in the class or the ruffian in the marketplace who seeks self-interest above any other. This can lead to significant economic developments, sometimes at the cost of wrecking other nations, and also war. The law also requires an inevitable downward spiral of feminine interests, and aspects of life that are concordant with the feminine, which manifest particularly as care and nurturing: taking forms such as conservation, education, immigration, social programs, environmental protection and healthcare. Instead the masculine must thrive, such as the economic engine and the war machine. There must also be an accelerated manifestation of sexism, misogyny, unwanted attention in work places and overall lower status for women at large. Many women have now intuitively understood the danger they have placed themselves in. The recent outcry, marches, Day Without A Woman and International Women’s Day celebrations are all outcomes of that intuitive recognition. But the fight is going to be much harder for them.

This may seem like a dismal picture, but it is not. From a higher perspective the male and female principles are complementary rather than in opposition. Yet it is all too easy for them to be at loggerheads when either gets a significant upper hand in the running of things. The nation in its development must come to a point where both masculine and feminine principles work together. It is these tensions, conflicts and domestic quarrels that pave the rocky road to an ultimate future harmony, though this progressive synthesis can take a while. The God Principle (book) expresses the integration of apparent opposites within the soul as covered below. The discussion also applies to nations, not just individuals:

“The heavens and the earth sought to mold human beings who by choice remained pure and innocent, yet well understood the cunning and evil mind; who were pliable, but could exercise tremendous strength of will; who were gentle and peace loving, but were great warriors who knew when and how to fight; who could weep with compassion, but could not be fooled; who could behold great injustice, and still act with restraint and foresight; who could be relentless in their pursuit of goals, not for their own benefit but for the common good; and who possessed a strong individuality, but were the essence of humility. Such were the kind of qualities life sought to induce in the Children of God who sojourned on this planet of light and darkness.”

The Principle of Refection