Gurus & Godmen

In this third of the series on symbolism, we will cover some aspects of human physiognomy, i.e. of the human face. By the Principle of Reflection, the human body is a reflection of the soul and the personality that manifest through it. This means that each and every aspect of the body, such as its appearance, limbs, organs, tissues, hair, birthmarks and so on are all reflections of specific aspects of Being (we have covered this before). The intent of this section is to show, by example, the validity of such a reflection that the reader can readily verify, and more importantly, the implications of such symbolism.

It is an inflexible law that all Gurus and Godmen must display aspects of their inner essence on their own personage. That is to say, they are ‘marked’, so to speak, in order that those who have eyes may see, and those who have ears may hear. There are many such markings or signals that reveal a guru’s essence, and here we offer a simple example. The astute reader need only study the ten illustrations given below, to discover a curious marking that is shared by all those faces (click to enlarge).

The marking in question has a potent meaning: It points out that the carrier of such a mark is possessed with a strong inner drive or compulsion for material and worldly success, and will spend considerable amount of energy in that direction.

While the compulsion we mentioned is often a good thing for most people, for those taken to spiritual service it can be a double edged sword. Often the impulse is provided as an overlay to the personality (may not be an attribute of the soul) so that certain goals of helping the masses can be achieved –which today requires ambition, drive and other qualities found in business men and politicians. But the same compulsion can also be their undoing, for temptations in this case are quite heavy and the guru may succumb easily to the resulting corruption and debauchery – all under the veneer of spirituality. In such cases the guru can even begin to be overshadowed by darker forces which accelerate and abet selfish interests. At this point they begin to function as testing factors for the group of people they have influence on. The tests are primarily that of spiritual discernment, and not getting carried away by the spiritual ‘glamour’ of a movement. This is not to say that that the baby should be thrown out with the bath water, for the seeker is expected to develop sufficient discernment to know and to accept the good while rejecting the chaff. Otherwise inevitable disillusionment awaits.

Humanity (on the evolutionary scale) is still in its teens. The teenage phase is one of searching and confusion, looking for guide posts, and tasting varied and tumultuous experiences on the way. Many souls have missed or not experienced a ‘guru phase’ which can act as a temporary support pillar. It is this inner searching and turmoil that drive many to the feet of gurus and godmen.

The accuracy of the symbolism we have pointed out can be verified as a matter-of-fact by those who observe or engage with the above groups. There is much more that is reflected on the human face as to the natures and drives of the physical body, those of the indwelling personality, and those of the soul. Since testing factors are involved, we are not at liberty to comment on the validity, virtues, or vices of the various gurus and teachers featured in the illustrations above. And neither do we wish to. It is up to each individual involved with or observing these groups to make that determination - by listening to the ever present inner voice.

The Principle of Refection