Necessity of Striving

Earlier we discussed the forces of Selection, and how these are part of the automatic mirroring mechanism of reality - an effect of the Principle of Reflection. We mentioned that all of man’s thoughts, words, emotions and actions are mirrored back by manifestation, resulting in a composite picture which in Time conforms perfectly with his nature. We also mentioned that such reflection is magnified or accelerated, so that the resulting picture is made really clear and stark to the inner eye, where nothing is possibly missed in its detail. We will now discuss some consequences of this inherent magnification resulting from the forces of selection.

In terms of pure physics, it is well known that the action of a force results in the acceleration (or deceleration) of an object. As long as a force is applied, the object will continue its acceleration or deceleration. A similar result may be perceived in the workings of the forces of selection. The net effect of these forces and their magnification ability is perceived as change. That is to say, nothing is able to stay static and unchanging for indefinitely long periods of time, and must either progress or regress (in human terms). Some folks like to say that ‘change is the only reality, for that is the only thing that doesn’t change’. Behind this curious statement lies this reality or law that we may now call the law of acceleration - one which proceeds naturally from the Principle of Reflection. We discussed this law and some of its effects in detail in the chapter ‘Chaos’ of our book ‘The God Principle’. We also discussed what this law means to the human race, the role of the Christ, and offered an understanding of His message of salvation that proceeds naturally from the law of acceleration.

But suffice it to state here that the forces of selection, including the acceleration (or deceleration) we described, is fundamental to the evolution of Being, in ensuring that the process does not get stuck indefinitely, selection occurs, and that all fragments of Being may ultimately return autonomously from Diversity back to Unity.

Now the last point is of great significance and requires a discussion in and of itself. The law of acceleration may be interpreted, in the human context, as the law of striving. Simply put, one cannot ever rest on one’s laurels for any indefinite periods of time. Life forces all individuals and states of being, and knocks one out from any form of extended complacency so that evolution proceeds and the ultimate return can occur. Quite often this forceful change happens in the form of negative circumstances. For if you do not progress, then you must regress. The ultimate regression is to return back to Unity in the least conscious form, through progressive break down and dissolution. This was discussed in the chapter ‘Chaos’ in our book.

Any Being at this level of manifestation must strive in order to accomplish its goals, and complacency can result in failure and regression. The latter often comes in the form of difficult circumstances which inherently forces Being to move ahead. This mechanism is at work in every aspect of human experience and endeavor without exception. It may be considered the very corner-stone and the prime motivator that enables progression of all fragments of Being toward the ONE, and thus the completion in Time of all purpose and experience.

When we use the word strive, we do not mean it in any negative sense. Striving is simply making effort, and efforts bring results. By the law of acceleration, the effort becomes easier and easier (or progressively more difficult to go the other way) as a specific path through manifestation is attempted. This is reflected in a poignant scriptural assertion : “To those who have, more will be given. To those who have not, even what little they have will be taken away.”

Effort in itself need not be painful, or pleasurable, or required to carry any specific characteristic - only that effort is a must to progress. In fact there is a whole system of religious philosophy (known in the east as karma yoga, which literally means union through work) which exhorts its practitioners to direct all their efforts without any sense of attachment to results - but efforts must be made, and made as sacred duty or dharma as it is called. The intention here is to attempt what is perceived as a shorter return path to the Godhead. We state this as an example, and not necessarily an endorsement, for every Being is different and unique, and must choose its own path toward the ONE. The ultimate return can be prolonged but it simply cannot be avoided.

This striving also means something significant for the race as a whole. By the law of striving, the progress of the race is unstoppable and inevitable. It may take many byways and detours from its ideal path, but in the long run, progress it must. And it is through you, the individual, that the human race progresses in its goals. It is through your efforts and contributions that any difference that can be made is made. This does not however mean that every individual may partake of that movement. The decision whether to move along with humanity, or to take a wholly separate path is left to you, the individual. As we discussed in the chapter ‘Chaos’ in our book (The God Principle), there still exists a great possibility that the life stream we know as humanity may crack in two, with a portion of it choosing to regress and with the rest moving ahead. Indeed, the race will move on by virtue of collective effort - from its phases of experiencing darkness onward to much grander vistas of light - with you or without you! If this sounds like a warning, it is! Do not miss the train!

In the next section we will take a brief look at human sexuality, i.e. the purposes behind the division of the sexes into male and female. This division plays a major role in ensuring that human beings do strive.

The Principle of Refection