Before going further we must introduce the concept of vibrations, or frequencies as they are called.

All of existence can be viewed as a manifestation of energy and consciousness, functioning according to various laws or principles. This trio of active Energy, Consciousness and Principles may be called manifest existence, part of which is perceived as space-time and matter (see our earlier discussions on matter). All such manifestation is characterized by vibration, which is related to the amount of energy and consciousness resident in a parcel of matter. The higher the amount of associated energy and consciousness, higher the vibration. Readers who are familiar with modern physics might recognize that a parcel of energy at the finest levels can also be represented by frequency, which is another term for how fast something vibrates. But the rate of vibration is an indication not just of energy, but also of the state of consciousness associated with it.

The reader may be wondering if our description of reality as a Trio of consciousness, principles and energy has any basis on fact. We will first point out that the scientific notion of the Grand Unification tries to unify all forces and laws (i.e. energies and principles - matter being a form of energy) under a single force or law at the highest energies possible. Here the consciousness aspect of our Trio is simply missing. But if consciousness were to be included, the reader might readily find a parallel between the scientific Grand Unification and the religious Grand Unification. The latter is known in the east as Sat-Chit-Ananda or Truth-Consciousness-Bliss. Truth is simply laws or principles behind manifestation, in this case the higher laws. Bliss is the mystical experience of higher energies in consciousness. Thus one again finds the Trio of consciousness, principles and energy. The ancient notion of the religious grand unification may be reconciled with the modern scientific grand unification by including consciousness into the picture. We have discussed this further in the chapter ‘Exodus’ in our book, the God Principle.

One direct result of the above unification is that a parcel of consciousness can be characterized by its vibration. All kinds of experiences in consciousness have associated vibrations and energy levels. The energy level determines the intensity of an experience, and frequency its nature. By changing the state of vibrations, the state of consciousness associated with that parcel of energy is changed. And by changing the state of consciousness, its vibrational levels (frequency) can be modified. All sensations and feelings in consciousness - such as pain, pleasure, love, fear and so on - may be considered as resulting from an interplay of different vibrations and energy levels. There are frequencies and energy levels for pain for example, which can be mapped by the body on receiving certain signals from the external world (such as stubbing one’s toe). These effects on consciousness are independent of sensory inputs per se. That is, it is not a real necessity for an external world to provide signals which are mapped by the body into frequencies experienced as heat. And it is well possible to switch sensations of heat with those of cold in a modified bodily mapping, for example.

One implication of the above notion of Grand Unification, which considers consciousness as an integral aspect of matter with its own dynamics, is that the concept of chemistry extends to consciousness. And not just chemistry, but also physics, biology and so on. For example, the chemistry of certain drugs on the human brain and their effects on a resonant consciousness is a matter of active research in the medical community.

Another implication of the Grand Unification is that higher states of consciousness can be associated with higher vibrations and energies, progressively tending toward the Grand Unification with the Godhead. The baser, denser or more materialistic consciousness can be characterized by lower vibrational levels. Spiritual progress can be defined in terms of moving toward the Grand Unification, and away from a purely material preoccupation - or in essence, the raising of one’s vibrations. One’s level of spirituality, if you will, is a measure of one’s average vibrational level. This is a key point to understand, for much that may appear perplexing or nonsensical can be explained in terms of the mechanics of vibrations.

One of the fundamental manifestations of the mechanics of vibrations is that it facilitates the Principle of Reflection to take effect in matter. Similar to molecules clumping together, similar parcels of consciousness with like vibrations tend to attract one another. This allows inner realities to attract and manifest outer realities in the realm of matter; those that are reflections of that inner reality and of like vibration. The mechanics also repel or expunge vibrations that are unlike, so that the conformity or reflection of the external world with one’s inner essence is complete. Being is thus enabled to truly meet itself. It is important to note that the mechanics we described is a consequence of the Prime Directive, viz. “Being, Know Thyself!”.

There are some very important consequences to the above mechanics. We will deal with a few in the next section.

The Principle of Refection